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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

=Mr. Ned=

Life is pretty terrible.
It’s like being strangled with a shoelace
for sixty or seventy years.
And if you try to plant
a bullet in your brain
they call you insane.
Then it’s a matter of pills and jabber
until you finally convince them
you’ve given up horticulture.
In the corner of my eye
there is a starving dog.
(You have one, too)
He sits there on his bony haunches
with his long hot tongue lolling out.
His sparse yellow fur is no doubt
crawling with fleas.
He does not bother scratching.
He is waiting for me to die.
He is so lean you can count his ribs.
I have three decades or so left.
It’s going to be a long wait
for both of us.
I have decided to think of him
as a pet.
He never comes when called.
He just sits there.
I’ve grown quite used to it.
I have even given him a name.
Mr. Ned.
I know if I throw a stone at him
he won’t budge.
If it hits him,
it will bounce off
and he'll just sit there.
He is my dog.
He knows it.
He has no one else to love him.

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