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Monday, January 15, 2018

So Long as this Department Store Showroom is Moving Through Apocalypse Like a Spaceship Everything’s OK

Aisle 7 was a shocking pink commentary on late capitalism
delivered by a baboon in polka-dotted underpants.
It was fake news at its best,
clownish & sincere.
It even won an award from the Society for the Prevention of Deep Breathing.
This time, according to the newsreel,
they hadn’t bombed the munchkins into smithereens
but buried them in tons of plastic toy trash
from Disney & their competitors.
It was a great advertisement for the cartoon
that genocidal breakfasts had become.
No one will ever forget the image
of the Virgin Mary
clutching the limp body of her stuffed teddy
crucified for the sins of the good folk at Campbell’s Soup.
The sorrow went on forever & ever
but we tied on our aprons & made hot chocolate.
It was the American Way, or some way,
for those who’d lost their way.
This time we were resolved not to hear our parents calling not realizing
that our parents had resolved not to call.
This time there were too many people named Fred
who’d never been elected president
of anything.
Life is like a camera
without film that you left in a closet
that has been carried off by camels.
Besides, you moved a long time ago.
If you don’t accept Hello Kitty as your personal savior
you don’t stand a chance of salvation.
And that’s not just my opinion.
It’s written in the directions of the new edition of Monopoly.
Check the fine print
if it hasn’t already leapt off the page
 & into your bed
colonizing your brand new mattress
like an old coonhound.
January 14

Tonight, for dinner, we baked a pizza
topped with the theoretical exhalation of wrens 
& the screams
of children on a merry-go-round.

We watched a game
where two teams of men on giraffe-back
furiously attempted to erase each other
from each other’s sight.

I kissed you a thousand times fewer than I intended.
& you didn’t strangle me lovingly
as I always dreamed you might.

Still, I sat on your lap as if it were a seat
accidentally ejected from the cockpit of a plane.

And I fell to earth
never once concerning myself
with whether or not the chute would open.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Its necessary to maintain a state of disobedience against everything. Said Alice Notley.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How Much of Life is Pittsburgh?

Mars potato salad the lobster redux flatbed full of 
meshuggana elbow spread & Batman with you

Sparrow ashtray
horse full of moon
pain on a stick
crag tinfoil
flood control setting
fugitives at the speed of sound
The Illuminati 1

Thursday, December 21, 2017

=My Autobiography in 100 Pieces of Garbage=

34. & 35.

Outfitting Ourselves for the End

There's nothing like a secret admirer.
She quickly realized the burgeoning science could only progress if she had observations that were systematic.
Stars, for instance, are not the same as pigs.
Let’s say, I have unique ways to allocate.
Let's say, I have ways.
Let's say I'm being robbed, but I choose to believe I'm pushing my daughter on the swings in the park across from the Methodist church
Let's say we're developing a vector graphics application. It will allow the user to create lines, rectangles, circles, text, etc. and manipulate them independently.
You can only enter the instance between 8 am and 11:30 pm server time.
When we went our separate ways, I remember thinking, when the winter storms arrive both sexes, which are strictly herbivorous, move to steep rocky slopes to avoid the heavy drifts of blinding snow and the archers.
Who can tell if we’re shouting when we have laryngitis?
Let’s say, we shrink them a bit.
Let’s say we beg.
They should fit comfortably and not interfere with breathing.
They should fit snug and protect all parts of the exposed skull.
They should not fit high on the crown of the head.
They should not trip us and make us fall into the fire.
100 years after we first arrived in Belgium we were still looking forward to a very exciting future
Then she fell into a gruesome nightmare, one that chilled her to the bone.
For every 1,000 words spoken, we make one or two errors.
Something that you say by accident when you intended to say something else can change water into wine.
The Gospel says: The microscopic tardigrade—also known as the water bear—is the only animal
that can survive the cold, irradiated, irrational vacuum
of outer space.
Hearing that, I had a strong feeling that I was pregnant.
Hearing that, I had the power to stand up and clap at the end.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


I feel like I’m tending
an anorectic flame
in memory of myself
this wavering will
to live.

Everything threatens it.
Even joy.

The shark moves flat as a coffin on autopilot through the seas of your dreams.

It’s loaded
with bombs that could wipe out
all the life on earth ten times over
but it’s looking for you alone.

How do we just sit there
eating cereal in the morning?
How do we stand so patiently in line
at the DMV?
If this were a horror movie
we'd run for the exit 
ready to lose our lunch.
If this were a love story
it would be the saddest ever told.
Why aren’t we screaming?
Why aren’t we screaming all the time?

Every time you draw that feeling out of me
I stand off to the side amazed
and watch it thunder passed
like a train with a thousand cars
loaded with god-only-knows-what
blowing me backward from the tracks.

Stand there, speechless,
staring in awe in the direction
of the tunnel
into the darkness stretching backward
farther than any eye can see.

=My Autobiography in 100 Pieces of Garbage=