Saturday, August 30, 2014

=hard-living manga girls=

=Japanese Art Deco=

(illustration based on a songbook cover by K. Kotani, 1930. Deco Japan exhibit, Seattle Asian Museum)


  1. Strength, the "enemy" of conventional femininity
  2. Conspicuous consumption of Western food and drink
  3. Devotion to jazz records, dancing, and smoking Golden Bat cigarettes from a metal cigarette holder
  4. Knowledge of the types of Western liquor and a willingness to flirt to get them for free
  5. Devotion to fashion from Paris and Hollywood as seen in foreign fashion magazines
  6. Devotion to cinema
  7. Real or feigned interest in dancehalls as a way to show off one's ostensible decadence to mobo (modern boys)
  8. Strolling inthe Ginza every Saturday and Sunday night
  9. Pawning things to get money to buy new clothes for each season
  10. Offering one's lips to any man who is useful, even if he is bald or ugly, but keeping one's chastity because "infringement of chastity" lawsuits are out of style
–by the leading illustrator Takabatake Kashō for the magazine Fujin sekai (1929)

=american trash flag 3=

"I was my face, I was ugliness—though sometimes unbearable, this singularity of meaning also offered a possible point of escape. It became the launching pad from which to lift off, the one immediately recognizable place to point to when asked what was wrong with my life. Everything led to it, everything receded from it—my face as personal vanishing point."  

—Lucy Grealy

Friday, August 29, 2014

=Room Service=

I stand barefoot in the hotel bathroom combing the sleep out of my hair. "The skeletal remains," I think, squinting at the reflection in the mirror. A half-remembered dream floats passed because now the mirror is a window: I can't find my cell phone, then I find it but can't remember the number I want to call, then I find it, remember the number, but can't get a signal. You can water a dead stick for a thousand years and it won't put forth roses, Jesus says. Or maybe it will. Have you ever tried? The problem is you don't have a thousand years. Hence, the need for resurrection. Please send matches. There's a knock on the door. "Room service." Funny, I didn't order— "Sorry, wrong room." Am I in the wrong room? That would explain an awful lot. A lot of awful. Jesus doesn't think so. He motions me to get back on the unmade bed, already cold. He lifts my nightie. Then he takes a long silver pin from inside his robes. He wets the pin in his mouth, working  it all the way down his throat, like a sword-swallower. Having lubricated the pin with his spittle, he pushes it into my belly. He repeats this process with six pins. Or maybe it's sixteen? After a while, it's only natural to stop counting. When the procedure, or baptism, or whatever it is has been completed, he extracts all the pins and leaves the room without a word. I get up, finish dressing, and then go downstairs to the hotel lobby for the free breakfast as if nothing at all were out of the ordinary. What else can you do? I have a large melty-warm cinnamon bun. There is a lot of road still to cover. I thought I recognized where I was going but the destination turns away from me like a once friendly acquaintance and begins walking briskly in the opposite direction the moment I smile. Home, I think, is the feeling of a telescopic sight over your heart through which an unseen assassin stares, unblinking, waiting for the right moment, the "money-shot." He could be Cupid. I put my hands flat on the table, close my eyes, and open up my chest. I have not yet looked at the headlines on the complimentary copy of USA Today. I take a deep breath like I'm diving into the deepest part of the pool. What the hell is he waiting for?


::Pikachu makes most people happy. Most people do not make most people happy. Why is that? It's something to ponder.:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

=Yes, cupcakes are the perfect lunch=

::The Salted Caramel Cupcake from Cupcake Royale, Seattle WA. So delicious it's impossible to get the camera focussed before half of it has been eaten.::

=little devil room (makeshift altar)=

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

(Tukwila, WA)

"I've always thought respectable people scoundrels, and I look anxiously at my face every morning for signs of my becoming a scoundrel." 

—Bertrand Russell