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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cop With No Face

There are a lot of one-legged people
in this town. It makes you wonder
what they’re doing to each other
in the next room
with the other leg.

She had a mind like an elastic band
snapping against the skin.
I spoke to her briefly
in the garden
among all those damned marigolds
the locomotive
the empty space.

It was painful to see all the traffic cones
around the hole
where whatever used to be there
used to be there.

I’ve got new sounds I want to try out
on the crows
plus the larches
plus the eight ball in the corner pocket.

His was the face in the mirror
and not just the one he was looking into.
Yes, he continued,
having never begun.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Robot Man vs. Devil Ham

We were waiting for something better
but kept coming upon situations
of our own losing.
Well we’ll cross that bridge
when we run from it
and stitch ourselves a kite
from scraps of our own skin.
Now we’re waiting for the wind to rise.
Otherwise we played that hand
a dozen ways from Sunday.
It’s hard to convince anyone
you’re a vegetarian
clutching a drumstick
to beat the band.
I felt like one big erasure
walking into that room
everyone by comparison a panda
or something better.
But I did it anyway
as if it were something to crow about
& it is
& it isn’t.
I felt like that part of a person
that doesn’t come back from a moon launch
but floats around out there orbiting
other stuff that doesn’t come back
from other people.
Orbiting, schmorbiting.
Otherwise known as frozen peas.
But, alas, my x's will tell you different.
My o’s, too.

=My Autobiography in 100 Pieces of Garbage=