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Monday, September 18, 2017

Today on Twitter!!!

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(I have exactly 0 followers on Twitter. I wonder why?)
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Friday, September 15, 2017

On Twitter Today!!!!

What I see the only time I look up today!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Sad Pandas

Old men with pens
in paneled rooms
tight smiles
the passage of checks
across a desk polished
by the passage of checks
the final documents
out the window
out the window
black scribble of tree tops
walls with other windows
shadows flying upwards
oh the sad pandas
how do we bear their stupendous sadness
if i chewed 
a stick of thousand-year gum
i could not chew
more cherry flavor
out of it than i have already
There are deer prints 
in the carpet
beneath our feet
what if all of us noticed them & said nothing
said nothing like i said nothing
what if we were all terrified
what if we were all keeping the same secret
what if all of us could never forgive ourselves
what if we were all ashamed of we knew not what
what if we all wanted to say it
say it out loud just once
say it out loud just once & get it off our chest
what would we want to say
Go on, say it
go on, it's time
go on, I won't tell a soul, I promise
go on, for god's sake, 
the pandas are listening
Today on Twitter!!!

Where there used to be a cupcake!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

=Today on Twitter!!!=

The next tissue to be used!

A Few Times in the Recent Past

Same time as yesterday
the handtrucks
carry it away. We were masked
in anticipation of the rain.
We’d already renamed all the months of the year
starting with Reptile.
Our records
were sealed.
The gang had gotten lost
amongst all that dubious new construction
out back in the cornfield;
we didn’t hear from them for a week,
maybe more.
We were drawing giraffes
on sheets of graph paper
when the helicopters arrived.
We’d shed our horns by then;
it wasn’t like we needed them
to tell us that!
Talk about irony
is outlawed around here now.
“It’s a pity,” she said, “and the roses
were just coming into bloom.”
They don’t post the speed limit
for just that reason.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Nasty Hedonist Clears His Throat

Really, I’m only watching this
with half an eyeball. He quickly covered up
the last of the trapdoors
and said goodnite. You look so cute
in your profile picture, too,
but then, who are you?

Questions are for someone else.
So how come we can never
see her face?
It’s so boring to be constantly degraded.
Dramamine in the trophy room,
it was necessary
to keep from falling prey to the gaze
of all those glass-eyed heads.

You have to admire the effort
all considered. We didn’t know the cat’s name
so we contented ourselves
with offerings of melted cheese.
Well, that last line was a mistake
but she wasn’t good with make-up
and wished to learn. Mistakes
are stepping stones
to slipping overboard.

Then what?
Don’t ask.

Every girl should be that way,
George said.
That was ages ago.
Before the end of the story
became obvious, let’s say,
as a frayed knot
and we were doused in cartoon.

Meanwhile, the wildfires were still burning
as if anyone had to ask.
Yet they did.