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Monday, March 14, 2016

=Genesis Breyer P-Orridge=

--more from the works now on exhibit at The Rubin Museum of Art 150 W. 17th St., NY, NY:

Hand of Genesis. Viewers are encouraged to touch this piece. It's theoretical eventual disappearance as the gradual, imperceptible, but inevitable result of this repeated contact is part of the reasoning behind the conceptual aspect of this work, signifying transience, as well as suggesting the religious experience of pilgrims who from time immemorial have journeyed long distances to touch & become empowered by"sacred relics."

Although the "sacredness" of the piece is baldly fabricated & self-consciously ironic, there is nonetheless an undeniable power evoked when touching this replication of Gensis's Hand. The question one is left asking oneself is "From where does this palpable electric power originate?" It can't be in the piece itself—can it? If not, then it must be in me.

I feel I've walked a good deal of my life in these shoes.
I'm sure I'm not the only one. How about you?

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