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Saturday, January 2, 2016

=the column=

Chairs will float if one has
never thought of sitting on

The sea in itself is not in the
least frightening. It is only
the idea of drowning that
makes it so.
--Norman Lock

Seven times seven is hand-
somer than you think. You
can lead a horse to water
but Mustafa is breaking no
laws. There is nothing truer
than a bone except a wrong
number. Fire burns brightest
where it doesn’t burn at all.
Every cat resents its own
shadow—and vice-versa.
You can’t keep a mustache
secret. Those who’ve wand-
ered off into their own hand-
writing the forger cannot

The great American substitute for
social revolution is murder.  [This is
because the rage & resentment induced
by judicial & economic inequality is
displaced, deflected from its legitimate
target—the System—to more vulnerable
if innocent targets: other victims of  the
same System]. --Walter Dean Burnham

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