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Saturday, November 10, 2012

=some notable quotes from "Bento's Sketchbook" by John Berger

"Drawing is correcting."

"To be desired is perhaps the closest anybody can reach in this life to feeling immortal."

"One protests (by building a barricade, taking up arms, going on a hunger strike, linking arms, shouting, writing) in order to save the present moment, whatever the future holds. To protest is to refuse being reduced to a zero and to an enforced silence. Therefore, at the very moment a protest is made, if it is made, there is a small victory. The moment, although passing like every moment, acquires a certain indeligblity. It passes, yet it has been printed out. A protest is not principally a sacrifice  made for some alternative, more just future; it is an inconsequential redemption of the present."

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